NY Times Dictionary

This looks like a really old post. Stay for the retro vibes but be aware any information in this post is likely way out of date.
The lookup in action showing a popup over a highlighted term on the NY Times site

Whilst reading an article on the NY Times I came across their somewhat hidden dictionary feature. I’d double-clicked on a term I didn’t recognise, intending to do a right-click Google search, when a window popped up. I’d almost dismissed it before I realised it was a ‘feature’.

Apparantly, this has caused some annoyance among those who idly click their mouse as they read, or highlight words as they go, even so far as the creation of counter-scripts and ad-blocking techniques. Plus I bet it confuses the heck out of new-to-the-web people for whom the NYTimes may be the first port-of-call. Whilst I do think it’s a neat feature, love the discoverability of it, and may be great for assisting understanding, perhaps there should be a toggle somewhere in the member centre (I had a look and could see one)?