Eolas hits

This looks like a really old post (I mean, it's from 2006 for goodness sake). Stay for the retro vibes but be aware any information in this post is likely way out of date.

The Eolas vs Microsoft case has finally hit home. Microsoft released the updates for IE today, including the patch to require an extra click for ActiveX controls. Microsoft however have given us an extra 2 months by including a hotfix which delays the impact until June. So if you haven’t updated your code, now would be a good time.

I’m with ole Tim Berners Lee on this one. Good on Microsoft for not backing down to patent extortion, far too much of that malarkey goes on as it is, though whether it’ll end up doing them more damage with the community than good we’ll only see later down the road. Eolas, can’t you see you’re antagonizing just about everyone out there?