More stuff to read

This looks like a really old post. Stay for the retro vibes but be aware any information in this post is likely way out of date.
Vitamin homepage

Dang it! As soon as I start getting my RSS reader under control, along come 2 sites which are sure to demand my attention.

From the talented hands of John Oxton comes Bite Size Standards, a multi-author site which aims to give good advice but in manageable “while the kettle’s boiling” chunks. I especially like the further reading references at the bottom of each post to let you delve a little deeper if you’re hankering after more depth.

Then there’s Vitamin, a web magazine from Carson Systems which visually reminds me of UX Magazine, but has a wider remit and appears more hands-on. Vitamin has a stack of great content to launch with, and no wonder, just take a look at that author list/advisory board. I’m off to cull some of my RSS feeds to make room in my day for all this stuff.